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Welcome to the internet home of the documentary feature film “Valiant”. We would love to hear what you think about the trailer! Please add comments to this post.

6 thoughts on “Film Trailer

  1. Beautifully filmed. Very thoughtful and inspiring. Can’t wait to see the whole film!

  2. Great story, location, photography, audio/music etc. Reminds me a little of the CA horse trainer Monty Roberts and his book of training “Shy Boy” although Shy Boy could see. Amazing gift to be able to bring this horse back to life with love, patience, committment, devotion and everything else to be able to give him life after losing his sight. If there were a Special Olympics for horses, Valiant would be the poster boy as he is truly Valiant! This is a film that needs to be shown to the world. It needs to be shown to our future generation of young kids in schools to teach them the meaning of perseverance, committment, patience, love and devotion. Teaching them that one can overcome handicaps and become successful. Great story, great trailer, great horse. Can’t wait to see the documentary.

  3. It is hard to find encouragement but these are not throw away horses. Life seems so valueless today. These animals do everything for us, you just don’t give up on them when there is a challenge.

  4. A wonderful story of love and trust, also of the true nature of the relationship between a devoted horse woman and the horse she loves.
    She believes in him and he’ll do anything she asks…..I can’t wait to see the entire film.

  5. Cried. The trust & over coming the odds! Spiritual. My friends have rescued a mini horse that’s blind in one eye. She’s quite fearful. I think your list of resources could be of help. Thank you for making this movie!

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