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The film will have all access to the main subjects and also interviews with others who were a part of this inspirational tale, including the doctors who examined Valiant during his illness, and the world’s most trusted horseman who helped Jeanette with training Valiant after he went blind, Valiant’s farrier who acknowledges Valiant as the reason he recovered from paralysis and others who have their own special story and connection with Valiant. We’ll learn how high the odds were against Valiant living any kind of normal life, and how far he’s gone beyond that learning the very difficult discipline of dressage—something that, even when sighted, he was evaluated as being physically and temperamentally unsuited for.

Valiant, the documentary is not just about a story of a blind horse, it’s the story of the people and lives he has changed.  How people truly receive from Valiant the support and message they need…hope, inspiration, love and courage to mention a few.  Valiant awakens emotions and one doesn’t know why but only that it feels good and feels right. To Jeanette, this horse has changed her life in the most positive way and he has helped others on their own journey.

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  1. Great story, great horse, and will be a great documentary. Something to show to all in the horse world and the professional world. Also a great story to show and tell in film to our future generation and young kids in schools. Its about love, affection, devotion, committment, patience and showing that even the handicapped can be productive. Hooray for the underdogs!

    • Hi Eileen, we are planning to start showing the film at festivals in the spring of 2014. We will be posting more clips on the website as production continues.

  2. Good luck with the film! I’ve just combined a press release about the trailer premiere at the dressage event with some additional information about the film and about blind horses. I think your film will be very inspiring for anyone who works with a blind or vision-impaired horse.

    You can read it here:

    Good luck, I will hope to see the film at some point in the future!

    Fran Jurga
    The Jurga Report for Equus Magazine

    • Fran: You did a lovely job on the article on Valiant and Jeanette. You are such a gifted writer. Maybe we will be able to collect the stories of working with blind horses and offer a guide book.

  3. We have a blind horse who is amazing. She deserves a documentary too. She is a wonderful trail horse, competes in gymkhanas, and has a great relationship with my daughter who rides her. Blind horses can continue to give so much to their people.

  4. Having met Valiant at home, I can attest to the fact that you quickly forget that he is such a special inspiring and blind horse and are only aware that you are in the presence of a big, beautiful, four legged hunk of love. What a wonderful horse.

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