“Valiant gave his sight so others may see.”

         “Love, kindness, loyalty, determination, courage, truth and patience collectively mean one word “Trust.”  Valiant story is just another way of how the universe works when you believe and have faith.”

                                                            Jeanette Sassoon


“Why does this horse get stacks of fan mail?  It’s not the musical freestyle performance at the World Cup Dressage Championships, or the United States Equestrian Team’s Festival of Champions or the exhibition at the Dressage World Masters.  It’s because he learned to live again…BLIND.”

                            Lauren Gold, Palm Beach Post Writer


“It’s truly an inspirational story because it’s how horses are intertwined in our life and the lessons that they teach us. It’s not about winning a ribbon or going to a show or working with a blind horse, it’s about learning how do we adapt in our life, how do we change. Are we willing to take the reins of our life and turn over to somebody else.”

                     John Lyons, America’s Most Trusted Horseman


“Reading Valiant’s story brought tears to my eyes.  It’s absolutely one of the best stories I’ve ever read.  You and Valiant are an inspiration to not only the horse world, but to everyone who is faced with a challenge.  You both have proven that even the greatest odds can be overcome with persistence, love and trust.”  

 Pat McLaughlin


“Rather than letting other people set her limitations, she opened up her heart and she opened up her mind and she got rid of her fear and she went forward.  She said I am not going to be limited and I am not going to limit this horse to being caged in a small area.  We are going to go out and try something together…go where no horse has gone before.”

              John Lyons, America’s Most Trusted Horseman



“In the ring, her legs and hands create his path.  The lack of hesitancy in his footfalls is proof that he has the utmost trust in his rider.”

Nancy Jaffer- Author/Writer/Photographer Equestrian Sports


“Against All Odds and Most Advice”

“When Sassoon named her colt Valiant, she didn’t yet understand the weight of that word.  She couldn’t foresee how completely he would come to embody the name.  She didn’t hesitate when Valiant needed her help.  She cared for him instinctively and completely.  It meant years of dedication, at an exhausting intensity.  It meant letting go of her expectations for Valiant’s career and asking only for his trust.  In return, Valiant hasn’t stopped amazing her.  His story isn’t just a horse story.  It’s a human one, too.  It’s why he’ll never be called pretty good.  And why there are many who call him great.”

Lauren Gold-Palm Beach Post


“Jeanette and Valiant are about the oneness of horse and rider.  There’s something about this horse.  He’s supposed to help other animals and horses and people.  His life has meaning.”

Dennis Brooks, DVM, PhD UF, former President of the American College of Veterinary Medicine, author of Equine Ophthalmology




“To those of us who know Valiant, he is a very special messenger with a very special message.  Thank you, Valiant.”




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  1. Having met Valiant off the ring and at home, I can attest that you quickly forget that he is blind and are aware that you are in the presence of beautiful, big, four legged hunk of love. What a wonderful horse.

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